Dye-Rite Model 1604e
Dye-Rite Model 1604e
Comprehensive Process Control for Indigo Dyeing

The Dye-Rite Indicating Controller Model 1604e provides comprehensive monitoring and control for indigo rope and sheet ranges. Simple operator callup of style number loads specific set points and control limits for key dyeing paramters. The system design is modular such that the optimum combination of sensors and control devices can be included for the specific process setup. Its features include...

  • Microprocessor-based PLC system including membrane keyboard and 1/4-VGA LCD display with non-volative memory for processing parameters, multi-channel input and output cards, RS-232 port for report generation and RS-485 port for network connection.
  • Typical measurements and controls include residual moisture, stretch/shrinkage, creel tension, squeeze roll pressures, box temperatures, drying cylinder temperatures, pH, ORP (millivolts), flow rates for caustic, hydro, indigo and recirculation.
  • For indigo sheet ranges, the Model 1604e can include the sizing measurement and control parameters included in the Size-Rite Model 1602e.
  • Residual moisture measurement provided by the Strandberg Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035E. Strandberg offers moisture calibration services for ISO-9000 compliance.
  • The optional Series 2700 Operator Console package provides a touchscreen monitor with PC for unlimited storage of style processing data, historical data archiving and report generation.

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