Moisture Monitor Model 1601e
Moisture Monitor Model 1601e
Digital Indicating Controller for Carpet Drying

The Moisture Monitor Indicating Controller Model 1601e provides moisture monitoring and control for carpet dryers. Simple operator callup of style number loads style-based set points and control limits. Its features include...

  • Microprocessor-based PLC system including membrane keyboard and 1/4-VGA LCD display with non-volative memory for processing parameters, multi-channel input and output cards, RS-232 port for report generation and RS-485 port for network connection.
  • Residual moisture measurement provided by the Strandberg Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035E. Three spiked sensing rolls across the width are typically used. A sensor selector switches between each sensing roll and a fourth position detects the wettest of the three.
  • Optionally, the 3-channel Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 3035E provide three separate moisture sensing channels for continuous monitoring for each of the three spiked detector rolls. Add more sensors to measure both carpet face and backing.
  • For noncontact measurement, use the Noncontact Moisture Sensor Type 9900. The 9900 uses penetrating microwave energy to accurately sense the moisture in the carpet. Use three 9900 sensors across the width to provide profile measurement.
  • There's more... connect temperature sensors for carpet surface temperature measurements, drying zone temperatures, exhaust air temperatures. Connect density or wet pickup sensors to monitor latex application. And the 1601e is a multi-loop controller... ready to automate the carpet drying process.
  • The Model 1601 is built from the Series 1600 PLC hardware and software components. This means that the 1601 can be converted to any other Series 1600 Indicating Controller or upgraded to one of the powerful "Combo Controllers" providing optimizaiton of multiple process parameters.
  • The optional Series 2700 Operator Console package provides a touchscreen monitor with PC for unlimited storage of style processing data, historical data archiving and report generation.

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Moisture Monitor Model 7701
Moisture Monitor Model 7701
Digital Indicating Controller

The Moisture Monitor Model 7701 utilizes state-of-the-art electrical resistance sensing technology to provide reliable moisture measurements for indication and control. Real-time, automatic set point control optimizes production efficiency, energy consumption and product quality. Its features include...

  • Big figure digital display of moisture with simple keyboard entry of set point and control limits.
  • Water-tight, durable enclosure designed to withstand the harshest of mill environments.
  • Automatic control outputs include step-based increase/decrease control relay outputs and PID control analog output.
  • Industry standard, scalable 4-20mA output of measurement values, allowing the unit to be easily integrated into higher level control or monitoring systems.
  • Utilizes Strandberg's Moisture-to-Computer Interface, Type 1035G, combined with various application- specific sensor configurations for reliable and accurate moisture detection.

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Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G
Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G
Full-span Residual Moisture Sensing with Linear Analog Output

The Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G provides the state-of-the art moisture sensing technology utilized in the Moisture Monitor Model 7701 and Model 1601e. Make moisture measurement easy. Connect it to any PLC, recorder, datalogger, or single-loop controller. Its features include...

  • Full span moisture sensing over the normal range of residual moisture from near-zero levels to higher double digit percent levels.
  • Industry standard, linear analog outputs over the full measurement range allows easy input and scaling in higher level systems.
  • Special front-end static suppression circuitry provides reliable measurement in harsh process environmnents.
  • Can be used with a wide variety of moisture sensing devices including sensing rolls, insulated full-span rolls, finger probes, duct probes, sensing plates, rods. If one of these does not fit your application, ask us. We may have or can make one that exactly fits your application.

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Microwave Moisture Sensor
Moisture Sensor Type 9900
Noncontact Microwave Moisture Sensor Type 9900 with Accu-Lock+

Strandberg is pleased to announce an important upgrade of the Noncontact Moisture Sensor Type 9900. The 9900 sensor utilizes latest microwave reflectance technology to measure moisture in web and bulk materials from very dry to saturation. The 9900 has been successfully applied in many demanding moisture measurement applications. High-speed Accu-Lock+ technology is now included in the 9900 sensor which significantly broadens the range of 9900 applications. Features include...

  • Noncontact measurement of moisture, wet pickup, size add-on linear from zero percent to saturation.
  • Water-tight, durable enclosure designed to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.
  • Includes Accu-Lock+ high-speed digital signal processing technology to eliminate variations due to material position or height. Separate analog outputs provided for real-time and Accu-Lock+ measurements.
  • Easy to install, set up and calibrate.
  • Industry standard analog outputs 0-10 volts and 4-20 mA d-c linear with moisture allow simple integration into higher level control or monitoring systems.
  • Optional indicating control displays include Moisture Monitor Model 7701 and Multi-channel Indicating Controller Model 1610e.

For brochure, Moisture Sensor Type 9900.pdf.

Moisture Monitor Model M-602
Moisture Monitor Model M-602
Analog Indicator with Wet-Stop

The Moisture Monitor Model M-602 utilizes decades proven electrical resistance sensing technology to provide accurate and reliable indication of moisture levels. An easy-to-read analog meter scaled DRY-NORMAL-WET provides the operator with a simple means to keep the process under control. Features include...

  • Simple to install, simple to operate, simple to service.
  • Set the moisture regain selector switch on the front panel for the desired moisture level for different materials, fibers and blends.
  • Utilizes spiked detector roll to measure moisture inside the pile. Typical applications utilize three spiked sensing rollers and a sensor selector that switches between each sensing roll and a fourth position detects the wettest of the three.
  • Use the Wet-Stop alarm on the front panel to alert the operator of a high moisture condition. Make sure the alarm is noticed by connecting the wet alarm relay to a horn or a light.
  • Optional circular chart recorder tells the moisture story for each 24-hour period.
  • Model M-602A provides three inputs for moisture sensors and a front-panel sensor selector switch with four positions, one for each of the three sensors and one that combines all three sensors detecting the position with the highest moisture.

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